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Bang Produces an Ethereal Masterpiece on ‘Turn Slow’

‘Turn Slow’ is the incredible new release from South Asian American artist and producer Bang. Born and raised in Michigan, the musician has been surrounded by music his entire life, first through his parents’ love for classic Bollywood numbers, and then via his older brother’s introduction to hip-hop and pop.

Somehow finding a way to blend all of these elements, Bang’s latest offering is a chilled-out and deeply hypnotic piece of music. Soothing and euphoric, he crafts a Bon Iver-esque soundtrack that you simply melt away to. The dreamy tune lasts just three minutes, but what Bang is able to achieve in that time is rather remarkable. Taking the listener someplace else – to a tranquil and ethereal realm – all your worries seem to dissipate, and your soul finds a little solace.

Finding inspiration in South Asian soundscapes and everyday life, Bang’s sound is beautifully unique and distinctive. He’s racked up a decent amount of streams in the process, and when you listen to his work you’ll clearly understand why. Here’s to many more from an extremely gifted artist!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Turn Slow’ on Spotify now:


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