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Beljune Shares Charming Gem ‘Poster Boy’

For Beljune, making music equals a meaningful act of personal expression. That’s how it should be: in an industry that’s busy running behind trends and proven formulas, is refreshing to come across an artist looking for radical authenticity, using his art to spread a message of acceptance and community. Based in London, Beljune can be seen as an enlightened creative, a talented singer and songwriter with a strong dedication to uplifting and championing Queerness and trans-awareness, themes that are pretty crucial in our society these days. 

‘Poster Boy’ is Beljune’s latest effort, the project’s second single to date after previous debut effort ‘Poison’. Needless to say, it really showcases the British artist’s high-level musicianship. On a bed of luscious and evocative indie-pop laced with R&B influences, Beljune builds a charming, elegant and soulful melody, empowered by his near-perfect vocal tone. The record also features a music video, starring Netflix’s Sex Education star Felix Mufti-Wright.

Speaking about the lyricism behind the song, Beljune explains: “There’s still so much societal shame surrounding queerness. Steps have been taken forward in the representation of particularly the gay community in the media but our trans siblings need our support more than ever at this time and ‘Poster Boy’ questions modern society’s efforts to actually progress and why so many can look past this with blissful ignorance.”

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