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Gethyn Jones Turns to Songwriting with Cracking Album ‘FATAL EQUATION’

Gethyn Jones is an ex-radio and television presenter who has now turned his attention to writing music, and we couldn’t be more grateful that he did! ‘FATAL EQUATION’ is a collection of eighteen tunes written by Jones and performed by Coolstar, and features an eclectic and tasteful blend of rock, country, and pop. Working alongside producer Nick Bowen at Quay West Studios, ‘FATAL EQUATION’ showcases Gethyn’s transition from broadcasting to music with remarkable finesse, proving that his talents simply know no bounds.

“Although Nick and I come from different generations, our tastes in music merge into something magical when we work together,” says Jones. “Nick’s completely up to speed technically and his playing is awesome. He gets what I write”.

Accompanying the album is a full-on book that tells the romantic tale of a young singer/songwriter and DJ named Ali Kurmi and a beautiful older lady called Laura O’Brien. Incorporating all of the songs from the record into the storyline, the book adds an extra layer of depth and meaning to the already rich world of ‘FATAL EQUATION’.

From ‘How Could I Be So Wrong?’ and ‘Lavender’ to ‘Dancing in the Light’ and ‘The Longest Summer’, there’s something for everyone to fall in love with on the album. We certainly have!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘FATAL EQUATION’ on Spotify now:


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