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AMONG THE MASSES Share Dark and Haunting Record ‘Utopia’

We discovered AMONG THE MASSES earlier this year, when the Swedish outfit released the synth-pop gem ‘Wrong Turn’. Echoing the likes of Depeche Mode, we proudly described the record as “a very compelling and nostalgic sonic imprint, building a delicious blend of new wave and rock”. Now, the group returns with their latest offering, a surprising and haunting slice of alt-rock energy that seems to shuffle their stylings quite a fair bit. Leaving 80s tropes behind, the band moves up to 90s dark wave influences, building a haunting, dark sonic outlook that directly draws from Trent Reznor-Esque energy and an anthemic rock charge. 

‘Utopia’ is all that and even more. Produced by gold and platinum award-winning producer Andreas Ahlenius, the record showcases a talented group of musicians and songwriters, working together for the greater good. That’s the collaboration we love. AMONG THE MASSES is then completed by David Liebe, Andrej Anderzon Möller, Mats Gabriel-Burman and Kent Alfredsson.

Introduced by a poignant piano riff (Linkin Park style), ‘Wrong Turn’ patiently builds the expectation, then explodes into an organic blend of slow-paced acoustic matter and dark electronica. Such an intense and evocative musical journey – it needs to be experienced at least once. 

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