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Marci Returns with Stunning Slice of Retro Pop: ‘KITY (Keep it to Yourself)’

Somewhat of a hidden secret making her way to the mainstream, Marci has been wandering the shores of retro-flavoured pop since last year, showcasing her kaleidoscopic character in a stunning self-titled album. The buzz and the attention are there, people are listening, as her impressive streaming figures suggest. Also the keyboardist for Montreal soft-rock outfit TOPS, Marci now returns with her first record of the year, a luscious, gentle and polished slice of catchy goodness, ‘KITY (Keep it to Yourself)’. 

In it, the listener will rejoice in the vintage brand of pop so well championed by the project. Echoing the glorious, wholesome pop of the 70s – think Fleetwood Mac and Electric Light Orchestra – Marci shapes a highly personal and unique sound, drenched in retro tones and modern indie stylings. The result is as cool as it goes, and as friendly and relatable as you would imagine – a real masterpiece from the internationally driven creative. 

Written with bandmate and longtime collaborator David Carriere, ‘KITY’ is greatly enriched by Marci’s light and soulful tone, dancing on the instrumental with angelic grace. Speaking about the lyrical inspiration behind the single, she explains: “Keep It ToYourself’ is about being led into a situation without knowing the whole story-if it’s too good to be true then it probably is.”

Recommended! Watch the music video for ‘KITY (Keep it to Yourself)’ on Youtube:

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