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Among The Masses Share Authentic Synth-Pop with ‘Wrong Turn’

Echoing memories of a distant era, few bands can truly claim to embody the spirit of their heritage quite like AMONG THE MASSES. Hailing from Sweden, the group offers a very compelling and nostalgic sonic imprint, building a delicious blend of new wave and rock, with a distinctly Eighties vibe that is sure to delight fans of the genre. Worth mentioning, the band’s lead vocals exhibit a strong Gahan-Esque tone, making it a familiar listen for any Depeche Mode fans (as we are). 

Keen to showcase their artistry, the talented Swedish band is now releasing their latest single, ‘Wrong Turn’. This classic synth-pop gem, slightly dark, is a testament to AMONG THE MASSES’ ability to organise their influences into a cohesive, yet distinct sound that is all their own. With its pulsing beats, soaring melodies, and undeniable 80s flair, ‘Wrong Turn’ is shaping up to be an absolute gem. 

The production is really good, courtesy of platinum award-winning songwriter and producer Andreas Ahlenius. Affectionately referred to as the fifth member of the band, Ahlenius has played a key role in shaping their sonic qualities and in bringing their music to life in the studio. The results are for everyone to see, and for every British synth-pop fan to enjoy: just give it a chance. 

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