Young Dutch Rapper Eliyiah Gears Up for a Stellar Year

It is always rewarding to discover new talents. In that regard, we might have found a young Dutch rapper deserving some attention and chances. Going by the stage name of Eliyiah, he’s only twenty-five years old and has already had a huge impact on the international music scene. From producing music at the age of thirteen to reinventing himself as the artist we know today, Eliyiah has worked tirelessly to achieve his dream of claiming a spot in music royalty.

As a music journalist, I feel privileged to witness the first steps of a potentially massive career. As a point of entry in his catalogue, I could recommend ‘Promise’, a sharp yet intense hip-hop number with the right amount of pop and trap in it. Hitting you thick and fast, Eliyiah’s poignant and expressive vocal flow instantly wraps the listener into musical magic, making it hard to let go. ‘You Broke My Heart’ should also be regarded as one of the young rapper’s best tracks to date. Introduced by a Blink-182-flavoured guitar riff, the song makes its way through bass-heavy trap goodness and a more gritty rap tone. 

Eliyiah’s passion for music is evident in his dedication to crafting new music with his international team of collaborators. He is a true inspiration, sharing his passion with friends and family and making musical contributions to various artists. His sharp vision and fresh looks guarantee he can entertain any dance floor in the world.

Crowning a successful 2022, the Dutch talent is now gearing for an upcoming album release, helped by a plethora of video clips hitting your socials soon. Will you support him? 

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