YDEA Debuts with Self-Empowering Anthem ‘Forest Fire’

The simplest emotions are often the most powerful. Danish artist YDEA knows it very well, using her nuanced artistry to initiate a heartfelt, introspective journey into human nature. A talented writer, she’s been penning poignant and relatable songs, enhanced by her warm, expressive vocals. 

Following a string of live performances in the British capital (where she currently resides), YDEA now unveils her debut effort, ‘Forest Fire’, a majestic slice of alluring anthemic pop supercharged by breathtaking vocal harmonies and fierce tribal drums. Lyrically, the song explores themes of rebirth, renewal and the feeling of stepping into your power. 

As the Danish talent explains: “Sometimes when we are going through challenging times it can be hard to believe that things will ever get good again, and it can be difficult to see the powerful transformations that are taking place amidst the darkness.” 

Reiterating her self-empowering and healing-focused message, she continues: “In my personal experience I have found that with each challenge and heartbreak I have experienced I am moving closer to who I really am, what my values are and what I will or won’t allow in my life. By shedding layers and tears I am stepping into my power, and that feels great.” 

“I hope Forest Fire will encourage people to be bold and golden as they step into their power.”


Based in London since 2014, YDEA is inspired by artists such as Bon Iver, Billie Eilish, Matt Corby and Joni Mitchell, exploring a unique sound that draws from Scandinavian melancholia and contemporary Alt-Pop. It is then delivered with immense gravitas and cinematic energy. 

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