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Live Diary: A Friday Night In Hackney, with Alex Kate

[Cover Photo: Bella Frank] – Guiding her show towards a triumphal end, Alex Kate charmingly declared: “I love processing emotions in a song!”. She really does: over the last couple of years, the Norwich-based talent has unveiled a wealth of stunning and elegant pop material, often exploring the highs and lows of love and emotional relationships. From the fierce moral stance of ‘Sober’ to the friendship rollercoaster of ‘Not a Clue’, everything points towards Kate’s enhanced introspection, allowing her to delve deep into the many ways humans manifest their feelings towards each other. 

Credit: GeorgieGDiary

Well, if those are the expectations, they were fully met that night. It was the end of May, on a Friday, when we were making our way into the northernmost corner of Hackney’s kaleidoscopic turmoil. The Waiting Room, our destination: a charming and cosy basement with a shiny reputation; every hyped and upcoming talent is bound to appear in the venue, sooner or later. 

Credit: GeorgieGDiary

Backed by a band and a backing track – in true contemporary fashion – the British talent poured her heart out in front of an adoring audience, an impressive showcase of honesty and authenticity. The final acoustic cover was the cherry on top of the cake: taking a step ahead and joining the audience, Kate engages in a wholesome rendition of ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac. 

The show was presented by London-based promoter and ticketing platform Gotobeat.com.

You should have been there! Fear not, Alex Kate will be back in London before the end of the year. Keep up, and stay tuned. 


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