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YAZ Share Reflective Record ‘Beauty Hidden in Pain’

Emerging on the London scene, YAZ is the latest band you should be obsessing about. Their musical recipe is rather simple, yet effective. Mellow indie-pop with rock undertones and meaningful lyricism. Delicate, sweet vocals evoke a strong sense of tranquillity, making the listening experience soothing and kind. Acoustic guitars, light drums and simple arrangements help all that become reality, creating the signature relatable style that YAZ so proudly champions. 

‘Beauty Hidden in Pain’ is the British outfit’s latest single, a welcoming and soothing gem with a strong lyrical ascent. Written by head honcho Yassine (the project’s pioneer), the song explores the stark contrast between beauty and pain, and how beauty can often emerge from challenging and uncomfortable situations. As he explains: “I wrote the track during Christmas 2021, I was spending Christmas alone in my flat in London. I was really struggling with seasonal depression, so I went for a walk around Maida Vale where I saw homeless people struggling with the bitter cold, yet still finding the energy within themselves to smile and greet people. Moments of deep struggle often present individuals with a dilemma: to give up or persevere.”

Along with a studio release, ‘Beauty Hidden in Pain’ also offers a charming live performance video. YAZ are clearly becoming one of the most interesting newcomers right now. Don’t miss out on them. 

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