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Roger Ricks Returns with Classic Rock Banger ‘What A Place’

The consequence of listening to Roger Ricks are many, but the most eye-popping is certainly the constant musical euphoria that will invade your body, magnetised by the project’s unfiltered energy and fuzzy guitars. ‘What A Place’ is the perfect example of that: built over an anthemic and epic drum beat, the track channels the best classic rock, using standard formulas with modern production. This gives it a nostalgic feel, yet the sound is punchy, really defined and hard-hitting. The dazzling guitar parts add intensity, and Ricks’ musicianship does the rest: ‘What A Place’ features some of the best vocals we have heard in a while. 

The Swiss talent is a gifted singer: showcasing a charming, nuanced and tough tone, Roger really hits the mark here, delivering a performance that has nothing to envy to more emblazoned and famous figures in the industry. The chorus is an absolute joy on the ear, transporting the listener into a place of sensory overload. Don’t worry though, Ricks will also take you back to reality safe and sound. 

Penned by fellow creative Emme Pierre, ‘What A Place’ serves as a call to action, urging us to come together and create a better world for future generations. More importantly, all proceeds from the single will be donated to kids in need, providing a tangible difference in the lives of those who need it most.

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