YAZ Celebrate Their Artistic Journey With Latest Gem ‘Spark’

We have waited quite a long time for their return, but we are incredibly excited to see them back and flourishing. ‘Beauty Hidden in Pain’ was the single that introduced them to the industry, earlier this year. After a quiet summer – but packed with live shows – YAZ are now back with their sophomore offering, ‘Spark’. While more vibey and indie-flavoured than its predecessor, the record still shares the same fragility and lyrical meaningfulness, something that has become a bit of a brand for the London-based band. 

Built on a classic guitar-powered lineup, YAZ pursue melodic and poppy stylings, putting Yassine Belkhou’s nuanced and evocative vocals on the centre stage. The result is material that feels wholesome and alternative but with a decisively friendly and catchy outlook. That matters – they are bound to connect with a wide number of listeners out there. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Spark’, the group explain: “At its very core, the song is about pursuing your dreams. Despite our relative infancy as a band, we have had some amazing milestones in the past year. We really wanted to celebrate this voyage, both the highs and the lows, and so the track was really born out of this sentiment.”

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