Lily Juniper Shares Latest Gem ‘Heaven’

It’s hard not to be impressed by Lily Juniper: a BRIT School alumni, the young songstress has carefully grown her artistry into an evocative, meaningful and hypnotising blend of modern electronica and bucolic tones. Borrowing the lyrical softness and introspection typical of Folk, and nuanced, complex sound design more akin to Leftfield records, Juniper develops a genre-bending style that speaks volumes about her creativity so far. 

‘Heaven’ is her latest effort: on a bed of ever-evolving electronic soundscapes, the British talent lays her understated vocals, delivered with calmness and control. Such strong charisma allows the listener to connect deeper with the song, entering Juniper’s personal reflection on the many reasons why we are not always able to fulfil our potential. 

As she explains: “The song explores limiting beliefs, self-deprecation and the voices in your head that hold power over you. As always with my music, I want the listener to allow the songs to take them to wherever they resonate best. Whether that’s reflecting on their own ideas of self-love and worth or attaching the track to a relationship that exists in their world.”

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