Gretchin Shares Coming-of-Age Anthem ‘Petals’

We are notably late on this, and we do apologise, but frankly, a good record’s a good record, and we take pride in sharing it. That’s exactly the case for ‘Petals’, Gretchin’s latest effort. Following up from ‘Send Me Your Lover’ (a song that found its way into our personal playlists), the London-based songstress returns with a majestic coming-of-age anthem, an empowering manifesto for everyone struggling to find their own radical authenticity. 

Produced by Gretchin’s brother Joe Hamberger, the record was written after a crucial moment of self-realisation, resulting in her coming out as queer. It is this proud moment of growth that informs the playful and electrifying nature of the track. 

As the British talent explains: “I wrote ‘Petals’ about being queer and loud about it for the first time. I’d met up with someone I hadn’t seen in years and I was almost meeting them as myself for the first time, while also seeing them in a different light. I felt naive, giddy and excited about everything. It was also the first song my brother and I made together, so there was that naivety and excitement in the recording process as well. I think that’s what makes this song so special and fun.” 

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