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WIREHOUND Release Spellbinding Debut Album ‘The Anatomy of a Thought Undone’

‘The Anatomy of a Thought Undone’, apart from being one of the best-named, is also one of the most eclectic and remarkable debut albums I’ve ever come across. Courtesy of Paul Wenzel and Jason T Reddish, who perform under the moniker WIREHOUND, it’s an album that the two have been waiting to record and release for almost twenty years. After being involved in an accident, Paul developed CRPS and was unable to leave his room for years. Eventually undergoing major spinal surgery and many months of physical therapy, he was once again ready to meet up with Jason and head to the studio. The result – something utterly sensational!

The album’s title track, which follows the intro ‘A Thought’, is pure poetry. Featuring a string quartet, Jason’s complex drum patterns, and Paul’s heartfelt, passionate vocals, it sets the album up in the most gorgeous manner. The upbeat, rocky, and powerful ‘Annabelle’ soon follows, and shows just how comfortable the pair are mixing up their sound and style. 

Other tunes that instantly drew me in were ‘Vandal Van Gogh’, ‘Feeling the Pain’, and the album’s closer ‘The Dreamer’. But, in truth, the record is a story that deserves to be listened to from start to finish. It’s an absolute epic, and I can’t see myself leaving its company anytime soon.

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘The Anatomy of a Thought Undone’ on Spotify now:


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