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Kim Lunner’s New Album ‘This Is Me Again’ is an EDM Triumph

‘This Is Me Again’ is the energetic and thumping new album from Norway-based electronic musician and producer Kim Lunner. Kim has been making music for about thirteen years now and has slowly but surely built up a loyal and devoted following, so much so that he is now signed to the famous Town And Towers Group. On Lunner’s latest album, the artist offers up nine original tunes that showcase his producing, storytelling, and creative flair. Filled with catchy synths, emphasised vocals, and some of the most intricate and banging drumbeats you’ve ever heard, ‘This Is Me Again’ will take you on an atmospheric journey that you’ll wish didn’t have to end!

‘In This Lifetime’ is the album’s opener and straight from the off you’re thrown into Kim’s pulsating EDM environment. Lyrically, it’s a track that looks to the future and notes the importance of keeping one’s feet on the ground. “Life is hard and you shouldn’t take it for granted, or that tomorrow will come,” says Lunner.

‘Lost the Track’ and ‘Dancing in the Streets’ follow, and both take on a somewhat more mellow and dreamy approach, before ‘Hold Your Hand in Mine’ puts you right back in that bouncy and heart-pounding soundscape. I shall leave the rest of ‘This Is Me Again’ for you to explore but, I promise you this, you will not be disappointed!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘This Is Me Again’ on Spotify now:


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