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Windows Release Bright and Playful EP ‘Raindrops On The Open Road’

An incredibly alluring offering, ‘Raindrops On The Open Road’ possesses an intriguing sense of warmth, pure analogue charisma in sonic form. Drenched in retro stylings, the EP explores sleazy surf-rock through a decisively psych lens, while empowering Country-flavored storytelling (clarified by the group as ‘Californian Country’). Hailing from Los Angeles, Windows craft a record that’s wrapped in tradition, yet looking at the future. 

Featuring five long tracks, ‘Raindrops On The Open Road’ champions shimmering guitars and continuous riffing, building a blissful and bright arrangement with a strong playful flair and a grainy, almost lo-fi texture. That’s what we love the most about the EP! It’s nuanced and compressed in a particular way, resulting in enticing sonic goo that speaks to our inner soul. 

Headed by founder Matteo Arias, Windows have been active since 2018, slowly refining their sound in a positive direction. Our favourite episode in the EP? ‘Don’t Stare at the Sun’. The opening guitar riff – a staple of the track – reeks of British New Wave and sleazy 60s Surf Pop at the same time, resulting in an enticing musical journey we wish it would never end.  

Recommended! Discover ‘Raindrops On The Open Road (Rotor)’ on Spotify: 


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