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Baaj & Baaj Takes Care of the Earth in ‘Douce Terre’

We have featured Baaj & Baaj in the past, mainly through his English-oriented catalogue. Now, the French creative returns with a mellower, more nuanced offering, drenched in poignant vibes and stunning, luscious French lyrics, giving the track immense elegance and unrefined charisma.

Built on the project’s retro pop stylings, ‘Douce Terre’ champions a light and fiery ballad outlook, moving at a steady pace on a bed of tight drums, immersive keys and clean electric guitars, all crowned by Baaj & Baaj evocative and dynamic vocals, incredibly smooth and appealing. Clocking in at just under the three-minute mark, the record is a slice of blissful musical matter drenched in more lyricism. 

Meaning ‘Sweet Earth’ in English, ‘Douce Terre’ is very relevant and relatable in its songwriting outlook, focusing on environmental themes and the way society must adapt to protect the planet. Speaking about the inspiration behind the single, Baaj & Baaj explains: “It’s about how we interact with our planet. It is obvious that we need to take care of it, but our way of life is the opposite. The tempo is average but the verse is posed like a breath, a need to pause and reflect”.

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