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DEEP DIVE SPECIES Share Instrumental Jewel ‘Adventus’

Letting the music speak for itself; that’s what DEEP DIVE SPECIES is doing. Embarking on a lyric-less journey, they seek to embrace sonic storytelling and the many nuances in their researched and leftfield sound. Often known for their experimental endeavours, the American group also flourishes on more conventional arrangements, providing relatable and digestible material that serves as a sort of cinematic soundtrack. 

‘Adventus’ is the biggest evidence of that, a slow-tempo, yet heavy and intense offering which wraps the listeners in cathartic and evocative energy. A joy on the ears, the record moves around post-rock territories and new-wave influences, with an unwavering gloomy and dark outlook. In fact, there’s a touch of shoegaze too in the guitar tones. 

Composed and produced by Vadim Militsin and Sergey Popovich, ‘Adventus’ also features a stunning music video, created by Segmentality. In it, the listeners will lose themselves in a peculiar sci-fi tale. As DEEP DIVE SPECIES explain: “A story of the interstellar traveller crash landing on a planet, populated by less developed civilization. Trying to navigate the rough world and bring some light to poor people the cosmonaut eventually becomes a messiah”.

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