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Basavriuk Offers Escapism in Cosmic Single ‘A Second Gust’

There’s something common to all of us: the feeling of confusion and daze, our consciousness lost into a reality that’s too chaotic and intense to really stand up to. Lucky for us, there’s always art and music: they do provide a place where we can escape, a place where we can finally be ourselves, freed from societal convention and personal struggles. Basavriuk is the latest hero to provide us with such escapism, in the form of cosmic and psych indie/shoegaze goodness, exploring spacious sonic landscapes and hypnotising guitar playing. 

Based in Puerto Rico, the talented musician shared his first official record only last year, instantly showcasing the pillars of his artistic manifesto: instrumental gems and acute poignancy, evoking feelings of existential angst, nostalgia, and introspective pain. If you relate to it, you’ll be pleased to discover Basavriuk’s latest offering, ‘A Second Gust’. 

In it, we are met with more conventional shoegaze-flavoured indie, although the sonic recipe appears way more nuanced and polished, signalling the constant growth the project’s enduring. Basavriuk’s ethereal vocals seek to shuffle the cards, drenched in long reverb and dub-style delays. Progressing almost dramatically towards a powerful ending, ‘A Second Gust’ is a fantastic gem, one you should get on your playlist asap. 

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