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Veteran Rocker Dave Lebental Releases Diverse Debut Album ‘The Long Player’

Los Angeles-based veteran rocker Dave Lebental has rediscovered his creative spark after a twenty-seven-year musical hiatus…and we couldn’t be more grateful! Since 2021, the artist has been steadily putting out singles, and they’ve now been compiled into ‘The Long Player’, Dave’s highly-anticipated debut album.

Influenced by the likes of James Taylor, Ryan Adams, The Eagles, Tom Petty, and The Beatles, Lebental fuses a tasteful blend of rock, blues, and Americana over eleven multi-faceted tunes. ‘I’m Not Too Old’ begins proceedings, a stirring and passionate track that captures the very essence of endurance and fervour. The perfect start.

‘The Next Train Out of Town’ is up next and brings with it a soulful country swagger that is guaranteed to get your toes tapping. ‘Bring It Around’ then follows and takes things down a notch, showcasing Dave’s effortless ability to flow between different sounds and styles.

Each song on ‘The Long Player’ could have an entire article dedicated to it if I’m being completely honest. It’s that good of a record! The absolute beauty of ‘Granite Meadow’. The touching closer ‘What You Got’. There truly is something for everyone to love here! An album of the highest quality, all we can do is urge you to give it a listen!

Serious album alert! Enjoy ‘The Long Player’ on Spotify now:


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