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Vassilis Returns with ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’

When approaching ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’, one must be in the right state of mind. You see, the listening experience is rather emotional, quite introspective and intimate. A slow-burn, intense gem, the track is Vassilis’ latest effort. Emerging from Manchester, the talented creative reminds us of a young Bono, especially for his precise, lean and evocative vocals. ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’ marks the first record of the year for Vassilis, also signalling his return to the music scene – something we are pleased about. 

Of relatively short length, ‘Are You Ready To Move On?’ starts with a certain cinematic flair, layering orchestral tones over a bed of energetic rock drums and clean guitars. While the track moves slowly, its energy doesn’t, infusing listeners with anthemic vibes and arena-like euphoria. Lyrically, the record explores the nuances and challenges of everyday life. 

As Vassilis explains: “It’s a song about transition and the unpredictability of life, inspired by a series of events, including a birth and a death, and the realisation that with every end comes a new beginning. Everyone’s path is defined by their decisions – no matter how big or small – and once we’re ready to move on, we know we leave a piece of our old self behind”. 

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