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Strange Souvenirs Share Euphoric Gem ‘Coma Cluster’

Listening to ‘Coma Cluster’ has been a rather unique experience. In an industry where people tend to sound a lot like each other, Berlin duo Strange Souvenirs manage to offer us a hypnotising aura of authenticity, shaping their own path through the contemporary cultural landscape. Emerging from the hip and highly creative eastern part of the German capital, the group showcases their visionary style in ‘Coma Cluster’. In it, the listener will be met with a piece that gives a lot of thought and intention to its sonic elements. Introduced by a cryptic and gentle vocal part, the song seems to navigate slow-tempo, laid-back territories. 

After a while, the listener might suspect something’s up – the intensity rises, the stakes go through the roof. A mesmerising chaos of vocals and punchy percussions enter the scenes, taking ‘Coma Cluster’ into euphoric and danceable beaches. As Strange Souvenirs describe it: “taking a complete 180-degree turn and hurling a pickup truck into your face”.

Recorded at The Famous Gold Watch Studios in Berlin, the single features guest vocals by Cameron James Laing, who also produced, arranged, and mixed the track. Other notable contributions include Heidi Heidelberg on backing vocals, Gidon Carmel on drums and percussion, and Felix Bruckner on upright bass. The ethos behind the single seems to be a sense of exploration and experimentation, as the band encourages listeners to check their old hard drives for the skeletons of future songs lurking within – advice we’ll wisely put into action this weekend!

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