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Crash World Shares Relatable Gem ‘Cup of Coffee’

Introduced by a lovely and poignant blend of fiddle and acoustic guitar, ‘Cup Of Coffee’ is a rather nuanced offering. Oscillating between gentle character and more energetic and punchy tones, the record showcases Crash World’s unique and authentic artistry, something that’s not as secret anymore: a quick look at their streaming figures will convince you of that, with last year’s album ‘So the Story Goes’ clocking in at almost 300k combined streams. There must be something there, right? 

People are indeed connecting to the Vancouver-based duo. With their oozing lyrical wisdom, relatable storytelling and strong Folk character, the project has become a pure jewel, a nugget of musical goodness that’s just waiting to explode into global recognition. 

Formed by Glen MacLeod and Graham MacDonald, Crash World enters 2023 with ‘Cup Of Coffee’. As mentioned above, the track maintains its Folk identity, while blinking an eye at relatable pop lyricism. Speaking about the inspiration behind it, the duo explain: “The song is about our human connection, the face-to-face connection and how beautiful it can be. Nobody said it was easy, but it is so important for us all. And coffee is a very common age-old component of connecting. A common ground for humanity.”

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