Vanderzee Gets Honest on Exciting New Tune ‘The Coming Day’

‘The Coming Day’ is the brand new (and third official) single from New York-based classical guitarist turned experimental producer Vanderzee. Best described, I think, as an alternative rock/post-punk tune, ‘The Coming Day’ sees Vanderzee construct a rather eclectic brew. It’s definitely got a little The Cure in it – especially vocally – but that gets mixed with the excitement and energy of acts like The Killers and Kaiser Chiefs. Tough to imagine? Just give it a listen! Filled with high and low points that draw you into the musician’s world, it’s an expertly thought-out and pieced-together track.

The song is the first to be released from Vanderzee’s upcoming debut album ‘Divergent’ which, as of yet, has no release date. He’s keeping us on our toes…and I like it! The album was largely conceived while Vanderzee was living in a Zen monastery, and the teachings that he carries are infused in the music that he creates.

‘The Coming Day’ is as genuine and as pure a tune as one could ever hope to hear. It’s evident in the artist’s vocals as well as his soundscape. I can’t wait to hear ‘Divergent’, as I think it could be the start of something quite big for this hugely talented musician.

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘The Coming Day’ on Spotify now:


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