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Enjoy The Margaret Hooligans’ Gritty New Single ‘Witch on the Corner’

Disclaimer: We love The Margaret Hooligans! We’ve reviewed their last three singles and feel honoured and privileged to get to do the same with their latest hit ‘Witch on the Corner’. This time around, the Pennsylvania-based garage-rockers have unleashed a gritty, bluesy, and rocky little number. Described by the duo as a “slide blues powerhouse”, it’s a tune that features some mesmerizing guitar riffs, Mr Strontium’s signature potent drumming, and a seriously powerful vocal performance courtesy of Meg Cratty. 

“It tells the story of a disgruntled woman who views newcomers as foes until she meets the one that has her number,” says the band. A little different to the likes of ‘Doggie Pizza Crust’ some might say. But that’s really where the beauty of The Margaret Hooligans lies. They can mix it up and get as experimental as skillfully as anybody else in the business.

‘Witch on the Corner’ is the fourth (and I believe final) single that the band will release from their upcoming album ‘Saturday Night in Bartetown’. Scheduled for release in July, it’s an album that I’ve been waiting to hear for a while now. There’s something truly special about this band, and I cannot wait to see them blow up!

Serious tune alert! Enjoy ‘Witch on the Corner’ on Spotify now:


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