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Ugly Sundae Debuts with New Wave Offering ‘Dance With Me’

If you are into old-school New Wave, ‘Dance With Me’ will likely be a welcome discovery. Courtesy of Brighton-based newcomer Ugly Sundae, the record is an authentic and nostalgic slice of new wave laced with romantic goth vibes, echoing the likes of The Cure and Echo & The Bunnymen. What we appreciate about the project is the wholesome period-corrected sonic formula it employs, staying true to tradition while embracing modernity. 

Ugly Sundae’s debut single, ‘Dance With Me’ flourishes through icy drum grooves, melancholic guitar riffing and moody vocals, delivered with a tad of sleaziness and charming rebellion. Quite a triumph, really. Ugly Sundae makes a big statement with it, allowing him to enter the music industry with an incredible strong offering. 

Delving into the inspiration behind the record, the British talent explains: “The track follows the story of two people who are separated by death and how the main protagonist wishes they could’ve saved the only thing they cared about.”

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