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Chris Blades Releases Passionate Album ‘The Wastrel’

While some records celebrate eclecticism in their sonic qualities, others flourish in the variety of their themes and rich storytelling. ‘The Wastrel’ belongs to the latter category. The latest effort by Canadian singer, songwriter and musician Chris Blades, the album is an in-depth exploration into everything that makes the project the rich and passionate lyrical outlet it is. Over ten long tracks, ‘The Wastrel’ delves into nostalgia, romanticism and hope, delivering a record that feels rewarding and emotionally moving. 

Sonically, we are in folk and pop territories, with the majority of instrumental cues occupied by acoustic guitars and light instrumentation. It’s glorious: such ethereal and soothing qualities really hit the listeners with charisma and intention, wrapping them into an evocative experience. Blades and producer Christo Graham recorded all the instruments themselves, making the album a true labour of love. 

Delving into the lyricism behind ‘The Wastrel’, Chris explains: “I had wanted to make an album that sort of explored the concept of feeling like a romanticized failure; an artist who squandered all their gifts and talents and generally disappointed everyone who ever believed in them. I don’t actually think that I am that, but I was coming to grips with the fact that I do live in fear of it, and I wanted to put a name to the fear and call myself it like Batman.”

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