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Sam Short Unveils Debut EP ‘Faulty Wiring’

When delving into ‘Faulty Wiring’, the listener is bound to get mesmerized by the evocative and passionate pop formula championed so well by Sam Short. The recipient of a career on the rise, the American songstress has been growing his audience steadily for the past few months, something that doesn’t surprise us at all, given the quality of her artistic output. ‘Faulty Wiring’ is Short’s debut EP, a fierce celebration of female resilience built on modern and contemporary pop vibes. 

It features five relatively short tracks, each clocking in at the two-and-a-half-minute mark. It’s enough though: like small nuggets of joy and emotional energy, the songs hit hard and stay with the listener for a while. A memorable experience. Opener ‘Masterpiece’ is our favourite, with its cinematic contour and glorious chorus. ‘Hooked’ is the track that helped Short’s career the most, going viral on social media and earning her a wider audience. 

‘I Wouldn’t Love Me’ is another punchy and proud pop effort, while title track ‘Faulty Wiring’ delves into more soothing and wholesome organic vibes, showcasing Sam’s ability to play different games while keeping her identity intact. The EP comes to a close with an acoustic rendition of ‘Hooked’. It’s here that we can fully appreciate the American talent’s delicate and relatable songwriting, further blessed by her evocative and charming vocals. 

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