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Ts Music Showcases His Guitar Prowess in ‘So Far’

Often, art requires taking a personal stance, in order to research deeper into your own artistry. Hailing from Norway, Ts Music did exactly that, taking a hiatus from his current band, Crave, instead focusing on composing inspired guitar-based music, floating between rock, folk, and fusion, showcasing everything he has to offer. The Trondheim-native didn’t waste any time, releasing a 6-track debut EP which offers a glimpse of Ts Music’s artistic universe. ‘So Far’ will provide a satisfying listen for the eclectic music lover, especially the ones who don’t follow the mainstream, and instead like to go deeper into the curves of music.

Describing how he was influenced by big names guitarists such as Jeff Beck, John Petrucci and Zakk Wylde, Ts Music honours this tradition of high-level musicianship by building dynamic guitars gem, pacing through various tempos and moods. ‘Cosmic’ opens the record in style, balancing guitar solos over a poignant soft rock instrumental; It is simply beautiful, and we found ourselves loving the piece. ‘Faberge’ takes the intensity down, exploring clean tones and long reverbs and delays. ‘Mana’ and System Naturae’ follow the same mellow, luscious script, where we can appreciate Ts Music’s guitar prowess. His playing is refined, detailed and emotional. He doesn’t focus on playing as many notes as possible, but on giving meaning to every single note, opening an effective communication channel with the listener. 

‘Tree of Life’ breathes a more anthemic aura, perhaps a soundtrack-ready piece? It is then ‘Windsor’ taking this glorious record to a close. Ts Music is supported by Neural DSP and Flaxwood Custom. 

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