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Spyderhuff Explores Envy In New Record ‘What You Have’

Well, if you were looking for a fresh, special act, you found one. Hailing from Detroit, US, Spyderhuff champions a peculiar brand of retro rock, infused with soul and surf influences. Opening their press material with “for all you pop music hamsters, this tune may cause extreme treadwheel trauma. Be aware, this music is a detour from the usual comfort of predictable composition”, we didn‘t quite know what to expect, but we did know we were in for a wild ride. What else can you expect from Spyderhuff? 

Earlier this year, the group started releasing a series of records themed around the deadly sins, called SIN7; ‘What You Have’ is the latest chapter, focusing on envy. Featuring band members Tom Kuhr (lead spoken word, guitar, harmonica, synth), Don Beyer (bass), Tony Mitchell (bongos, vocals), Joey Gaydos (guitar, composition), Julie Noe (vocals), Jim Dooley (drums), and Janet Swanson (Lyrics), the track is another clear glimpse in Spyderhuff’s unique artistic universe. 

‘What You Have’ starts in true rock’n’roll fashion: drums and guitars at maximum force, driving the piece into a haunting, sultry direction. The harmonica is always a pleasant surprise, definitely one of Spyderhuff’s best-known qualities. It is hard to define the track: it is such an original concoction of sounds! It does work though, once you listen to it: spoken words vocals guide the listener into a journey through human nature, while the supporting instrumental makes sure we are never bored. Musicianship is certainly not missing here: the group knows how to play. 

All in all, another surprising release from Spyderhuff, showcasing themselves as one of the most interesting rock acts around. Recommended! 

Listen to ‘What You Have’ on Spotify: 


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