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Discover Matt Saxton’s Inspired Songwriting

Not many people understand the power of songwriting. Being able to reverse intimate feelings and universal doubts into a song is a sort of cathartic experience, where one can break free from the pressure and manifest his personality to the outside world, hoping to find someone that can relate. For Matt Saxton, music has always been a way to deal with personal experiences and lessons learned; all delivered with inspired writing and a mellow, evocative vocal tone. Hailing from East Sussex, UK, the talented solo artist has recently released an album, ‘It’s Only Now That I Know’, a series of songs where – in Matt’s words – “I try and understand the triggers from my childhood which have caused periods of extreme anxiety throughout my life.”

Well, he manages to deliver a product that feels honest, heartfelt, and well-crafted. Our favourite must be the title track, a soft pop-rock gem channelling his inner crooning qualities; Saxton’s voice is gritty, deep, yet dynamic and malleable, conveying perfectly the emotional charge contained in his songs. ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Animals’ navigates toward pop lands, making big use of pianos and slow tempos. If you are looking for the project’s brighter side, ‘Tonight’ and ‘Brighter Side’ contain a big uplifting factor, making the record an adaptable accessory to your mood. 

Overall, this is a strong statement from the British talent, who puts himself on the map as a very talented songwriter. Sure, he might be a “mature artist” (his words), but the creative fire of music is still burning strong and clear. Looking forward to hearing more! 

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