Trust The Mask Share Punchy Synth-Laced Gem ‘Will you come?’

Some of you might have noticed that – in the past few years – Italy has been quite fertile when it comes to electronic music, championing a fierce experimental and arty outlook on it. From Caterina Barbieri to Lorenzo Senni, there’s a whole plethora of talented creatives pushing the boundaries of synth-based musical work. In this context, Trust The Musk gain themselves a sit at the table with a charming concoction of ethereal electronics and ethnic instrumentation, inspired and nuanced material showcasing the high musicianship the duo has to offer. 

The artistic union of musician and composer Elisa Dal Bianco and singer Vittoria Cavedon, Trust The Mask now shares their latest effort, ‘Will you come?’, a charming collaboration with Berlin-based producer Matteo Vallicelli. In it, the pair seems to temporarily pause their ethnic and hypnotising sonic qualities, in favour of more punchy and straightforward synth-laced pop tones, channelling everything from darkwave to italo disco over an inherently poppy vocal part. 

A fantastic addition to Trust The Mask’s ever-growing catalogue, ‘Will you come?’ is a clear sign that the pair is able to grow and modulate their artistic output, finding a home in eclectic sonic realms. Describing the lyrical inspiration behind the track, the duo explains: “The song comes from a very simple question but which suggests how lightness protracted over time can transform into something more complex. It tells of an evening where everything is possible.”

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