Courant Releases Evocative and Ethereal Dance Jewel ‘Ways To Love You’

Emerging for Canada, Courant is one of the freshest and most talented dance music producers we have heard in a while. You see, when it comes to house and techno stuff, the panorama of new releases is rather hard to navigate. There are a lot of frankly useless records, made by aspiring peeps without real talent. While it might be easy to follow a tutorial and craft a three-minute-long techno track, writing a piece that feels authentic, original and universal, not tied to a single genre, is a totally different endeavour. 

Courant is the biggest evidence of that: pursuing a charming multi-genre aesthetic, he makes music that’s relevant both in the club and at home. ‘Ways To Love You’ – the Canadian talent’s latest effort – is the sort of introspective, complex single that speaks to the listeners’ deeper consciousness, allowing them to connect with the eerie, haunting and intense character so proudly championed by the record. Stylistically, one might put it between deep house and melodic techno. In reality, ‘Ways To Love You’ is so much more than that, struggling to fit into a box; it’s an ethereal, hypnotising gem, modulating dynamically and perfectly pairing with its powerful vocals. 

If you were looking for new dance acts or fresh producers to follow, Courant deserved a spot in your playlists. Or, if you will, in your afterparties. 

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