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Amen Sioux Returns with Dazzling Gem ‘Useless’

When we received Amen Sioux’s latest effort, ‘Useless’, we were instantly warned of the project’s reluctance to share information. A rather mysterious aura wraps around the clearly talented human behind the epic moniker, letting the music speak for itself. We’ll take that: we are fierce believers in championing the representative power of music. In this case, the listening experience is phenomenal, echoing a dazzling and euphoric blend of indie, psych and lo-fi elements, all organized into a gooey, dynamic offering, the perfect fit for our complex and confusing times.

With ‘Useless’, Amen Sioux confirms what the keen listener knew already: this is a project with a bright future ahead. Not only because of the songwriting, drenched in personal experience, exploring human behaviours and relationships struggles, but also for Sioux’s mystical vocal tone, understated yet so intense and hard-hitting. 

Meaningful lyricism delivered with ease and honesty. Describing the inspiration behind ‘Useless’, Amen explains: “It was inspired by my troubled relationship with my girlfriend, the way I felt during those days, and the song mines the turbulence of that headspace. I sashay between relief, regret, longing, and resentment zooming in on particular feelings and moments in my tale of modern heartbreak and whirlwind courtship.” 

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