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Tricky FM Reiterates Her Artistic Genius in ‘Peace, Love, Unity and Rave’

‘Peace, Love, Unity and Rave’ is exactly the type of record we cherish the most. A record that doesn’t follow rules and doesn’t strive to satisfy external actors. Rather, one that’s an authentic representation of its author’s artistic philosophy. One that follows its personal path, exploring cross-genre references and new production formulas. ‘Peace, Love, Unity and Rave’ is exactly that, a journey into Tricky FM’s unadulterated sonic universe. In it, the listener will deeply connect to her blissful and three-dimensional brand of electronica, balanced over vaporwave, glitchy and hip-hop stylings, with a very distinct retro outlook. 

Well, perhaps timeless more than retro. Yes! ‘Peace, Love, Unity and Rave’ shocks the listener with an ever-evolving goo of sample-based and generative matter. What’s more, Tricky FM’s introspective and gritty vocals help the record exude a lyrical impact too. Our favourite track? ‘See Me Play’, a mind-melting loop bonanza with a very abstract and atmospheric character. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind such a stunning album, Tricky FM explains: “There are two main themes that birthed this album: my personal struggles with love, trust, intimacy, sex, friendship – and integrating my shadow self.” 

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