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Buddy Junior Shares Double Single ‘RUST // SIN’

Entering Buddy Junior’s artistic universe is not an easy feat. You see, the San Francisco-based producer and musician champions a style that’s highly liquid and eclectic, channelling leftfield indie stylings, psychedelic formulas and a certain noisy and retro energy. The result is unique tracks that are likely not to be for everyone. The keen listener though is bound to absolutely love them (just like we do). ‘RUST // SIN’ is Junior’s latest effort, a double single that showcases and reiterates everything we declared above. 

Let’s start with ‘RUST’: a furious, post-punk gem with a wide, spacious guitar sound, a sort of supercharged shoegaze record. New Wave is another strong reference, especially when it comes to Buddy Junior’s lo-fi and edgy vocals. Overall, this is a pretty rock-driven piece, mangled experimentally and obliquely. 

‘SIN (the way you sweat) is instead more nuanced, at least in terms of instrumentation and vocal arrangement. Featuring fellow artist Harvey Forgets, the record develops over noisy synthetisers and trashy guitars, with a distorted beat underlining it all. 

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