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Sam Feinstein Shares Eclectic Record ‘Hamster Wheel’

A euphoric and eclectic effort, ‘Hamster Wheel’ is an accurate representation of the playful and eclectic artistic drive championed so well by Sam Feinstein, Californian bassist and composer with a knack for colourful and cross-genre gems. ‘Hamster Wheel’ showcases exactly that: built on retro-flavoured funky and pop stylings, the record includes filtered and charismatic vocals, delivered with nonchalance and panache. Cowbells, percussions and a virtuoso bass line: all play a role in creating the hype and unique character behind the track. 

Written by Sam for his band The Mirror – currently on a hiatus but scheduled to come back in a refreshed shape – ‘Hamster Wheel’ signals a new era for the San Jose-based outfit, following some tragic events in the past. It’s a big motivation for things to come, and honestly, we are confident that the group will be back with their best music to date. 

Speaking about the inspiration behind ‘Hamster Wheel’, Feinstein explains: “This jam gives voice to the frustrations of people who feel stuck in their job and can’t afford the aspirational, luxury lifestyle they are sold in media.”

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