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Tommy All Along Shares Latest EP ‘Things I Wanna Do’

‘Things I Wanna Do’ is not an EP. Rather, is a journey, one that’s bound to take the listeners aback, as they flow through the steady current of sleazy indie stylings and kaleidoscopic psych references. Opening with the title track, the record showcases its strengths in the form of spacious, jangling guitars and polite drums, all crowned by Tommy All Along’s retro-flavoured vocals, drenched in nostalgia and sleazyness. 

‘Roxy’ pushes the pace down, offering a more luscious and elegant listening experience. Crucially, it’s here that the Canadian’s creative vocals take a slightly more intimate direction, assuming a spacious and noisy contour. ‘Here’ makes ample use of organ textures, while ‘Losing Streak’ is perhaps the most new wave number on the EP. ‘Canyon Cove’ takes the record to a close in charming fashion, echoing the best of what we heard so far – a true ear candy. 

Lyrically, ‘Things I Wanna Do’ is a rather personal record, as Tommy All Along explains: “I took my influences and meshed them together, writing five tracks that are really personal, heartfelt, and all from actual real-life experiences.” A powerful record, give it a chance. 

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