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Denni Ian Shares Hypnotising Music Video 

A multi-talented entity, Danish talent Denni Ian can boast a total commitment to artistic creation. Delving into music, poetry and visual arts, Ian sees the world as a blank canvas for his own personal expression, something he’s become particularly good at. ‘SALT KING’ is the latest piece of music wisdom to come from the project: a long, moody and nuanced Folk effort, the record is the perfect example of the enlightened artistry enjoyed by Ian. A long track, ‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’ doesn’t follow commercial tropes or contemporary trends, instead embarking on a journey towards authenticity and uniqueness.

Exchanging the acoustic guitar for an electric one, Denni Ian builds a slow-paced, hypnotising sonic picture, particularly relying on repetition and lyrical flow. Drums and piano complete what’s a compelling line-up. In a way, this is just a tapestry for the song’s nostalgic storytelling, driven so well by Ian’s evocative vocals, at time sharing a quirky obscure and dark quality. 

The single is part of a wider album, ‘SALT KING’, out now, with ‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’ serving as a juicy video preview, connecting music and visuals in one passionate and mesmerising product. 

Recommended! Discover ‘I Plan To Run Out of Darkness’ on Youtube: 


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