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Draumr Shares Glorious Single ‘Slowly Burning Feelings’

Fundamentally, we have always appreciated Draumr’s kaleidoscopic musical output. Writing about ‘In a Daze’ earlier this year, we proudly declared: “It signals the project’s return to the music scene, doing so with a gloriously good single”. Well, we stand by our words, and once again we are happy to champion the project’s latest effort, a wonderfully dreamy and excitingly vibrant gem, ‘Slowly Burning Feelings’. 

Anchored in retro pop influences, the single makes ample use of bright synthetisers, groovy drums and funky guitars, in an effort to build the most magnificent instrumental setting for Draumr’s evocative, luscious and intense vocals. Our favourite part? The glorious chorus, transporting listeners into an alternative reality made up of glossy, three-dimensional coloured figures, experiencing enthralling nostalgia and healing melancholia. The synth riffs in that section are delicious too, really making everything pop. 

Emerging from Paris, Draumr is the gift we deserve, but that we didn’t know we needed. Speaking of the records, the talented creative describes it as “delving into questions of attachment, vulnerability, and the search for connection. A soothing love anthem evoking a sense of hope, mixed with an awareness of the challenges and uncertainties that come with life choices and the passage of time.” 

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