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Tom Craven Shares Inspiring and Comforting Anthem ‘New Signals’

After a crisis, there comes a time when we all have to rebuild, longing for quieter and more peaceful times. Sort of a new beginning, if you will. Taking a cue from the recent pandemic and the challenges we all had to face, Tom Craven shares a comforting and uplifting song dedicated to everyone who lost a loved one in the process, and to whoever feels like hope should replace fear, from now on. ‘New Signals’ is the latest effort by the British creative, and it further confirms all the musical prowess we have come to expect from Craven. 

Championing a relatable and friendly folk-rock aesthetic, Tom’s lyricism draws from personal experience and from societal issues, using his own song to spread empowering and uplifting messages, perhaps offering solace and comfort to all listeners out there. A charming slow-paced ballad, ‘New Signals’ keeps its vibe rather intimate, offering the perfect background for Craven’s evocative and emotional vocals to flourish. A perfect marriage between sound and words. 

Tom’s honesty and vulnerability are also exemplars: in the single, he doesn’t refrain from sharing his true feelings, letting the listeners into his own world. That’s exactly what allows the listeners to connect with the track, learning that they are – in fact –  not alone. 

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