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Susy K Showcases Her Incredible Vocals in ‘Hear It From Her’

Well well… Susy K is at it again. Channelling her incredibly soulful and luscious vocals, the Edinburgh talent shares her EP ‘Hear It From Her’, the completion of a journey that started a few months ago and left us in awe to hear the final release. Having followed Susy for a while, we are glad to see her flourishing once again. If you are new to her, just imagine the grooviest, most sensual eclectic RnB, often drenched in neo-soul energy and soul-style lyricism. 

What’s more, ‘Hear It From Her’ it’s all organic – and we are not referring to your favourite hummus recipe. We are referring to the irresistible concoction of actual drums, funk basslines and retro keys that the EP so fiercely features. Not such a common feature these days, especially in an industry where electronic elements are the reigning vibe. 

Containing four tracks, the record opens with ‘Heal’, instantly setting the pace for the rest of the EP. The lyrical matter is relatable and relationship-focused, offering a slice of musical goodness that will likely inspire the listeners into pursuing their best selves, even in the face of adversity. ‘Hear It From Her’ and ‘Keep On Going’ take the pace slightly down, while pursuing the same level of artistic eclecticism. ‘Workin’ takes the record to a close in glorious fashion, leaving us with a stunning chorus that greatly showcases Susy K’s malleable and dynamic vocals. 

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