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Karen Harding Returns with Bright Pop Tune ‘Devil In The Mirror’

We are confident you’ll all already know the glorious artistic prowess of Karen Harding, by now. Having appeared multiple times on our pages, the Australian singer-songwriter has been championing wonderful and relatable folk-pop, blending acoustic vibes with larger arrangements, but always focusing on her own nuanced storytelling in the process.

2022 was a stunning year for her: releasing a plethora of singles and an EP, her material focused mainly on acoustic guitar and vocals, at times joined by light orchestral elements. Now, Harding shuffles the cards, presenting her first release of the year in the form of ‘Devil In The Mirror’, a more eclectic and contemporary offering signalling Karen’s artistic growth and willingness to explore. 

Introduced by dark soundscapes and a steady drum beat, ‘Devil In The Mirror’ builds a fresh and bold framework for Harding’s vocals, crowning the instrumental with their powerful and evocative nature. Eventually, the chorus hits, and it’s a triumph: in it, we get a glimpse of the Aussie talent’s pop songwriting ability, something that perhaps wasn’t so obvious before. With a charming synth bass joining in, the section is catchy and uplifting, a joy on the ears. 

Describing the motivation behind the track, Harding explains: “Like so many people, I have spent so much of my life being afraid to put myself in front of a camera or for people to see the whole me. My ‘devil’ would tell me stories that I didn’t measure up or that I didn’t look how I was supposed to look.”

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