Toby Pearce Returns with Inspiring Jewel ‘Strange Times’

This is a story of resilience, determination, and the perfect example of how, when we are meant to be doing something, we’ll eventually get around it, no matter what life throws at us. For Toby Pearce, life had different plans: after pursuing a flourishing career as a lawyer, the talented singer entered a small period of difficulty, a challenge that would bring him right back to music and arts, an old passion and dream that never really faded. 

Debuting last year with ‘Stupid’, Pearce fiercely showcased his soothing and retro power-pop imprint, focusing on lyrical explorations and poignancy. ‘Strange Time’ – Toby’s latest effort – continues on the same path, delivering a wonderful and relatable gem that will no doubt inspire and empower listeners into treating reality with kindness and understanding; in the midst of uncertainty, there is still hope. 

Co-produced by John Reynolds, ‘Strange Times’ is an ode to Pearce’s musical cornerstones, drawing equally from anthemic rock and power pop. Lyrically, the record exudes authenticity: the kind that only comes from a life lived at its fullest. It is a simple, but powerful song that speaks to us all, reminding us that we can find solace even within chaos.

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