PolSky Switch to Poignant Ballads in ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’

The keen reader might remember discovering British eclectic outfit PolSky. Writing about their previous release ‘Halcyon Daze’, we proudly declared: “Young, exuberant and boasting perfect musicianship, the group is really on the verge of something big: will they be able to grab it?”. Now, the group returns with a mellow and reflective offering, the ballad-powered introspective gem ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’. 

Drawing upon a wealth of experience in the independent music scene, Kris Warren, – PolSky’s founder and frontman – has crafted a sound that is both timeless and progressive. That’s particularly relevant in ‘Song for the Silver Surfer’ a true classic prop throwback showcasing Warren’s vocal prowess and his ability to connect with listeners. Personally, we appreciate the Beatle-Esque orchestral arrangement, expanding the magnitude of PolSky’s artistry towards a global and glorious sound. Leaving guitars behind, the band focuses on heartwrenching piano, strings sections and choral vocals. 

The results are wonderful, signalling the growth of a group that’s clearly talented and very relevant. Lyrically, ‘Song for the SIlver Surfer’ ask a simple question: how will we date when we are older? How will we deal with age? We don’t know that yet, but one thing we can tell you is: we’ll be still listening to Polsky. 

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