Asaf Ashkenazy Unveils Americana-infused EP ‘Dog in Yard’

Emerging from Israel, Asaf Ashkenazy has been making waves in the music industry with his uplifting and empowering songwriting, balanced over rock and Americana influences declined with personal flair. The talented creative can boast quite a busy few years, having released a plethora and singles and EPs together with producer and collaborator Shafar Kaufman. In particular, ‘Dog In Yard’ stands out as a specific artistic heavyweight, thanks to an engaging formula focused on mellow folk and rock material, the perfect outlook for Asaf’s poignant and relatable vocals. 

The project’s debut mini-album, ‘Dog in Yard’, features both English and Hebrew storytelling, showcasing Asaf’s unique style and dynamicity. From emotional ballads (‘Thinking Of You’, ‘Don’t Cry’) to more fierce and uplifting offerings (‘Take Me’, ‘Spread The Light’), the record has something for everyone, gracefully taking the listeners on an irresistible journey through Americana, folk and classic rock. ‘C’est La Victor’ brings the record to a close, the only track with Hebrew lyrics.  

Asaf’s artistic output is a powerful and poignant voice in a complex world. His lyrics are transformative and inspiring, offering a positive perspective that resonates with listeners. Sharing a certain timeless quality, his music speaks to the human condition, making it relatable to people from all walks of life. The project sounds both modern and nostalgic, eventually managing to pursue its own unique path. 

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