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The Project Shares New Single ‘whats it going to take’

We were writing about ‘Over you’ not long ago, celebrating it as a “driving, anthemic, rock ‘n’ roll classic”. We stand by our words: The Project is – despite its name – highly peculiar, packing traditional guitar prowess into light and catchy tracks. ‘whats it going to take’ is the perfect evidence of that. The Californian group’s latest single, the song gives out strong Bon Jovi vibes, blending all-out drum grooves with elegant guitars and empowering vocals. 

Taken from The Project’s wider album ‘Best Days’, released just last autumn, ‘whats it going to take’ reiterates once again the breaking force of a collective that’s drenched in tradition while interpreting the contemporary in a very enchanting fashion. Vocalist James Plant’s vocals are fierce and bold, a fitting quality for founder and guitarist James Davies. Both share past experience in the Californian band Shameless, active in the early ‘2000. 

Featuring on the record is young songstress Mykele Hill, lending her soulful and powerful tone for charming backing vocals, complementing Plant’s lead parts very well. Overall, a worthy record for a band that’s electrifying and genre-bending. 

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