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Love Ghost Returns with Emotional Ballad ‘Angelic’

A frequent guest of our publication, Love Ghost has been on a tremendous rising trajectory in the past couple of years. Often travelling between LA and Mexico City, the talented creative champions a bold and eclectic view of today’s pop music, letting his output be influenced by neighbouring genres, such as punk-rap, emo vocal delivery, EDM stylings, all the way to stripped-back ballads – such as ‘Angelic’.

The project’s latest effort, ‘Angelic’ sees Love Ghosts leaving groovy stylings behind in favour of a more intimate aura and meaningful lyricism, empowering an expressive acoustic guitar and some light textures. The perfect matching for Ghost’s vocals, which as much as they can flourish on loud, electronic instrumentals, they can be equally effective in minimal settings. In fact, the young American’s gritty and nuanced tone makes for a pretty authentic and hypnotising listening experience. 

We’d go as far as to say that we’d love to hear more of the same from the project. It would certainly amplify his audience base. Love Ghost seems to be no stranger to poignancy – a feeling that suits him well. If you are in Mexico, look out for upcoming shows in February in the capital, Guadalajara and Monterey.

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