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Lucy DK Shares Empowering Jewel ‘Bye to My Last White Boy’

A song packed with resilience, authenticity and fierceness, ‘Bye to My Last White Boy’ signals Lucy DK’s personal reckoning, initiating a path of self-care and self-respect. In a way, she’s all of us: making a change for the better, learning to be truthful to her inner values. The London-based talent manages to translate it all in musical terms, crafting a soulful song that feels inspiring and empowering, but also catchy and emotional. 

‘Bye to My Last White Boy’ takes its styling cue from a contemporary production courtesy of Andrea Rocha, bordering pop and RnB with a strong anthemic character. Lucy’s evocative yet nuanced vocals work wonders in such settings, immersing the listeners in her personal experience. Embarking on an intimate and personal journey, she explains: “I felt discarded by these white boys I was dating, like I wasn’t worthy of real love or romance. I realised I was looking for validation in the wrong places, and I needed to learn to love myself.”

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